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Dr. Zulay Pardo Botero

Position: Research Staff
Research: NMR and Mass Spectroscopy Services
User Name: zulay.pardo
Telephone: +34 91 299 8721
Pardo Botero

Zulay D. Pardo-Botero obtained her Ph.D. at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2014. Her work was focused on the developed and optimization of Ultrafast NMR pulse sequences, to monitor dynamic systems like organic reactions in real time.

In 2016 she joined IMDEA Nanoscience as a Specialist Technician, where perform several roles. She is responsible of the NMR Spectroscopy Laboratory (DPX 400 MHz) and the Communal Equipment Room (Raman, Fluorescence, FT-IR, UV-Vis, Circular Dichroism, Compact Mass Spectroscopy, HPLC, TGA, among others analytical techniques). Also is in charge of the implementation of Nano-materials Characterization Laboratory under GLP guidance and QA programme.