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Prof. Daniel Granados Ruíz

Position: Senior Research Prof.
PhD: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Previous Position: Toshiba Research Europe Ltd. (TREL), Cambridge, UK
Research: Quantum Devices and Photonics
Researcher ID: A-4090-2011
Joining Date: September, 2009
User Name: daniel.granados
Telephone: +34 91 299 87 85
Granados Ruíz

Daniel Granados obtained his BSc (2001) and MSc (2002) in Physics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). He then joined the Molecular Beam Epitaxy group at the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid-CSIC (Spain), where he obtained his PhD in 2006 under the supervision of Prof. J.M. García. In 2005 he was visiting scientist at the Nano-Optics group of Prof. Richard J. Warburton at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (UK). He then joined (2006) the Quantum Information Group of Prof. Andrew J. Shields at Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, Cambridge (UK) as research scientist. During this time he was also visiting scientist and collaborator of the Semiconductor Physics Group, headed by Prof. David Ritchie, at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge (UK).

In September 2009 he joined IMDEA Nanoscience as tenure-track scientist and as main supervisor of the construction and start-up of the Centre of Nanofabrication. In 2014 he obtained a Ramón y Cajal fellow- ship and was tenured and promoted to Senior Researcher and Director of the Centre of Nanofabrication. Since December 2015 he is also Executive Director of Scientific Infrastructure.

Research Lines

The group has varied interests in nano-photonics, near-field microscopy & spectroscopy and quantum devices.

  1. Novel photonic crystals and quantum dots: We are exploring new ways of fabricating photonic cavities and quantum dots directly onto two dimensional materi- als such as transition metal dichalcogenides. (to be submitted).
  2. Near-Field spectroscopy: We have developed a SNOM coupled and synchronised with an optical spectrometer+CCD, which allows us to acquire simul- taneously topography and spectrally resolved photon maps either in reflection or transmission modes. We are studying periodic plasmonic devices and nano-electro- mechanical optical systems. We can also study the near-field response of quantum devices under test, such as GFETs or MoS2 FETs.

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Relevant publications

  • “In(Ga)As self-assembled quantum ring formation by molecular beam epitaxy”. Granados, D; Garcia, JM. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 82 Issue: 15 (2003) Times Cited: 101
  • “Vertical order in stacked layers of self-assembled In(Ga)As quantum rings on GaAs (001)” Granados, D; Garcia, JM; Ben, T, et al. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 86(2005) Times Cited: 40
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