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Recent highlights from European XFEL: It is all about the time scale

Prof. Robert Feidenhans'l
European XFEL
Wednesday, 24 November 2021 11:30

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Recent highlights from European XFEL: It is all about the time scale.

Prof. Robert Feidenhans'l, Manager Director European XFEL, Holzkoppel 4, D-22869 Schenefeld, Germany 

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Hard X-ray Free Electron (XFEL) lasers provide extremely intense and ultra-short X-ray pulses that are ideal to investigate structure and dynamics of matter at atomic time scales. X-ray free electron lasers have been in operation for 10 years now and have shown to have a wide range of areas of applications in physics, chemistry, materials and structural biology.

European XFEL is the most recent large-scale research infrastructure in Europe and was taken into user operation in September 2017. The facility includes a 3.5 km long tunnel with a 2 km long superconducting accelerator from DESY in Hamburg/Bahrenfeld to Schenefeld in Schleswig-Holstein where the experimental hall with 6 experimental instruments is placed. The instruments offer a wide range of experimental capabilities.

Since the start of operation, exciting user experiments have been conducted within physics, chemistry, bio crystallography and material science. A few highlight examples will be given in the talk including a discussion on possible ways of interacting with the facility.



A glimpse of the 2 km long superconducting accelerator.