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  • Metallodrugs to Modulate Cancer Cell Machinery
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We exploit metal coordination and organometallic chemistry principles to design novel potent switchable metallodrugs, which allow us to modulate the cancerous cell machinery at the molecular level in a controlled manner.

Our research seeks to exploit the physico-chemical features of the tumour cell, resulting from its distinct metabolism, for controlled drug activation (pro-drug approach) and selectivity.

In a working frame of basic research, our main goal is to produce new activatable metallo-organic drug candidates that can exert amplified chemical reactivity, for example through catalysis, inside human cancer cells. We hypothesize that our metallodrugs’ effect will compromise the cell redox and pH homeostasis and ultimately limit cancer progression and stop invasion. A fundamental aspect of our research is to describe the chemical interactions of our systems with the intracellular components at the nanoscale.

Finally, we benefit from recent developments in nanomedicine to load our metallodrugs to a number of nano-systems which provide a variety of advantages, such as target cell accumulation or hyperthermia.